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North America Ultimate DayPass

Default Transportation U3 can select DuoTurbo devices in the service Minimum 5 days
$15.99 /day
Daily 10GB at 4G High Speed  Unlimited Data at 3G speed Default Transportation U3 can select DuoTurbo devices in the service

Rent MIFI Test

· Delivery: We will send the parcel out 7~10 business days before the start date. Please choose overnight shipping if

Numen Air – World First Global 5G Mobile WiFi

5G worldwide wifi hotspot with touchscreen.

G4 Pro – 5” Touchscreen Moible WiFi

4G Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot with 5-inch touchscreen.

DuoTurbo – Twin Chips Stable Mobile WiFi

4G portable WiFi hotspot with dual modem and touch screen.

U3 – HyperConn Fast 4G Mobile WiFi

Light and slim, easy to carry

SIMBOX – Multiple SIM Card Caller Set

*Please note this price($179) only includes the hardware and it is free to receive calls and receive/send SMS. If you need to use the calling service, please buy our VIP service which is $10/month on GlocalMe Call APP.

Recharge Your GlocalMe SIM Card


This link is for customers to recharge. Please leave your card NO. after you pay the order.

Rechargeable GlocalMe SIM Card


1 Card For 10 Countries Coverage

United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam *Not For Making Calls


Mobile WiFi access point with 7,000 mAh power supply.

FirstG- Portable WiFi Need SIM Card

Ships to European addresses only.  4G Portable WiFi require SIM card.