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North America Data Plans

Minimum 5 days
$15.99 /day
Minimum 5 days
$15.99 /day
Minimum 5 days
$15.99 /day
Minimum 5 days
$15.99 /day

Global Data Plans

6 covered countries and regions  Country List.

North America True Unlimited DayPass

Minimum 5 days
$15.99 /day

North America True Unlimited DayPass

Minimum 5 days
$15.99 /day

North America True Unlimited DayPass

Minimum 5 days
$15.99 /day

North America True Unlimited DayPass

Minimum 5 days
$15.99 /day


1. Charge the device before using (no need for HomeFlex)
2. Power on the device and wait for around 1 min
3. Find the WiFi hotspot name and password located on the back of the device
4. Select the WiFi hotspot name from your networks and connect

Please contact us (E:, T: +1 (877) 715-9177) for a return label after your rental day come to the end. And then attach the return label to a box containing the device and drop off at any US post offices within 2 business days after the end date of your order. Please note you will be charged $9.9/day if you do not send the device back to us in time.

Alternatively, if you choose not to use the label offered, please ship your return prepaid and insured to:
GlocalMe Returns Address:
GlocalMe US Warehouse C/O Bei Yang 47-15 160th street FL2,
Flushing, NY 11358

Activation date is when you want your WiFi service to start. We will deliver your order ahead of your trip. If you need the device earlier, please contact us to expedite your shipment.

We recommend purchasing a WiFi instead of renting one in this case. It will save you more with more flexible data plans. Shop  HERE. If you prefer to rent, please order directly on our site or contact us directly at or call us at +1 (877) 715-9177.

Usually, to avoid any plans changing from customers, we will send the parcel out 7 days before the start date. However, if you want to receive the parcel earlier, you could send an email at and we will arrange the shipment

Please feel free to email us with your order number and your request to our email address at and we will process it directly.

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