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CeBIT 2018: Bring our Latest Innovations to Inspire the Global Tech Festival

CeBIT, the international business festival for innovation and digitalization has been successfully held from June 11 to 15, 2018 in Germany. As one of the largest international ICT event, CeBIT converged numerous latest innovations and related solutions in the Internet of Things, 5G, artificial intelligence, communication and other technology related  together, opening up a true discussion on global digital transformation.

uCloudlink, which always devotes to enable global users to enjoy data connectivity in more freely way, presented its full range networking and communication products and solutions at CeBIT 2018. Apart from the two renowned GlocalMe portable Wi-Fi devices that have already served over 300 million global users, uCloudlink also showed its newly developed gadgets such as GlocalMe® Inside World Phone (S1/P1/P2) and GlocalMe SIMBOX.

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Highlight Ⅰ: The release of brand-new World Phone P2 with build-in GlocalMe®Inside feature

In the beginning of 2018, uCloudlink released the World Phone S1 and P1 at MWC 2018 with a great market response. This time, at CeBIT 2018 in Germany, uCloudlink introduced the latest innovations to users – the World Phone P2, which is even more attractive towards its features, appearance and pricing.

First of all, the build-in GlocalMe® Inside mobile data service is the essential feature of World Phone. With CloudSIM, the core and patented technology of GlocalMe® Inside, users can freely connect the data networks in over 100 countries without the limitation of data roaming, for example, ensure superior data connection service with  intelligent best local mobile network matching. 

In addition, P2 is equipped with a 5.47-inch, 18:9 high-definition large screen, smooth outline and slim body, the latest Android 8.1 operating system and replaceable battery design that provide longer battery life. All the above have made P2 a stylish and powerful smartphone. What’s more, it can also be used as a Wi-Fi hotpot to share the mobile network to other electronic devices. With a very competitive price, there is no doubt that P2 is an ultra-high value for money smartphone product. Once launched, P2 will become the best choice for international business travelers. 

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Highlights Ⅱ: "Black Box" SIMBOX, the Multi-card and Multi-standby SIM Card Management Expert

With the rapid development of mobile communications and the large number of users with multiple SIM cards, the solutions for multi-card and multi-stand-by in the current market are not good enough: either a large amount of overhead or unstable performance. Aim at these problems, uCloudlink developed a brand-new SIMBOX device which mainly consists of SIMBOX hardware component and ‘GlocalMe Call’ mobile phone APP. SIMBOX is compatible with almost all standard SIM cards on the markets. Users can use it only through simply connecting the SIMBOX to the power supply and network cable and inserting the SIM card.

Users do not need to carry SIMBOX, it just need to  be placed at home or in the office. Users can make phone calls, send and receive text messages through the moible APP installed at the smartphone. For users who use multiple SIM cards seamlessly, getting a SIMBOX means that they are no longer need to carry extra mobile phones or devices. In addition, even if users are in foreign countries, they can also use the phone and SMS functions without roaming charges. In CeBIT 2018, uCloudlink prepared a physical and real-time demonstration  for visitors: the SIMBOX device was located in Shenzhen, China, , but visitors in Hannover can make phone calls as local through the APP. The visitors agreed that voice quality isnearlysame as traditional phone calls. In this way, even if you care in Germany, receiving and making domestic calls to China will not generate roaming charges. Visitors all had a strong interest in SIMBOX. It is reported that SIMBOX will soon take the lead in the Chinese market.

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Highlight Ⅲ: uCloudlink M2 – Standard Interface LTE IoT Module

uCloudlink M2 is an LTE category 4 module adopting standard PCI Express Mini Card standard interface. M2 makes it backward-compatible with existing EDGE and GSM/GPRS networks. It supports location technology GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou. The integrated GNSS greatly simplifies product design, and provides quicker, more accurate and more dependable positioning. 

Comparing with traditional LTE modules, M2 is based on CloudSIM technology, which enables modules to access network across operators and switch operators intelligently, without a physical SIM card. Ensuring that M2 could always get a stable operator’s network to access.

The key benefits of M2 include SIM-Free feature which contributed by the patented CloudSIM technology, advanced VSIM allocation algorithm, worldwide network across 100+ countries / regions; flexible service package and billing.

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uCloudlink will keep developing more latest futuristic technology and related communication products for worldwide users. For example, to redefine the development direction of smartphones: Limitations will be on screen but never on heart. The mobile phone should come with mobile data all over the world, allowing users to truly achieve free connection and share.

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