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Mandatory Upgrade Notice

Dear GlocalMe users:


Since September 1, 2019, the GlocalMe series include G2, G3, U2, and S1 that have not been upgraded to the latest version will be out of service in the United States.


If you are using the mentioned GlocalMe products, please kindly check the software version of your devices. For pocket WiFi devices, including G2, G3 and U2, in the software version dated before June 1, 2019, or for world phone S1 with GlocalMe Connect APP version dated before August 1, 2019, please upgrade to the latest software version immediately. You can then continuously enjoy the mobile network service in 120+ countries around the world including the United States.


To upgrade the WiFi devices to the latest version out of the United States, you just need to fully recharge the battery and turn the device on, it will then automatically process the upgrade. No further action is needed. The GlocalMe Connect APP upgrade of World Phone S1 is operated as usual.

If you are going to the United States after September 1, you are highly reminded to upgrade the software before the trip. 

As the auto upgrade will not be functioned in the United States, you can only connect your G2/G3 to other WiFi network and have manual upgrade.  If you need to upgrade your U2 in the United State, please contact our customer service.


You can check the software version of the device by following step:

1.    Pocket WiFi device G2 and G3:

The version number can be view on the screen by clicking “More” > “About” > “Software version”. The last 6 digit of the software version is the date shown as below:


The system version release date of this G2 is November 13, 2017, it needs to be upgraded

We recommend you to connect WiFi network then check “Upgrade” and follow the step shown on the screen for the completion of the upgrade

2.     Pocket WiFi Device U2

After turning on the U2, connect your computer or smart phone to the WiFi hotspot of the U2 device, you can then go to the portal page ( with any browser. The device version can be checked by clicking “Manage My Device” > “Setting” > “About”.

The first 6 digital of the last combination of version number are the version date, as shown below:


The version data is June 17, 2019 and is the latest version. No upgrade is needed.


If you have any problems during the upgrade process, you can contact us through the below channel:

●  'Online Customer Service' in the GlocalMe APP

●  Email to

●  Call at +852-8191-2660 (International) or +86-400-699-1314 (Mainland China)







上記のGlocalMe製品を使用している場合は、お使いの端末のソフトウェアバージョンをご確認ください。 2019年6月1日以前のソフトウェアバージョンのG2、G3、U2などのポケットWiFi、または2019年8月1日以前のGlocalMe Connect APPバージョンを搭載したWorld PhoneのS1の場合は、直ちに最新のソフトウェアバージョンにアップグレードしてください。アップデート後に米国を含む世界120か国以上でモバイルネットワークサービスをご利用いただけます。


WiFi端末を最新バージョンにアップグレードするには、バッテリーが十分に充電してある状態で端末の電源を入れていただければ、アップグレードが自動的に実行されます。World Phone S1のGlocalMe Connect APPアップグレードは、通常の方法でアップグレードできます。



上述の自動アップグレードはアメリカ国内では実行されない、G2 / G3を他のWiFiネットワーク(フリーWi-Fiなど)に接続し、手動でアップグレードが必要となります。アメリカ国内でU2をアップグレードする必要がある場合は、カスタマーサービスにお問い合わせください。




1. GlocalMe  G2およびG3:

バージョン番号は、[その他]> [その他]> [システムバージョン]から確認いただけます。





2. GlocalMe U2




端末のバージョンは、[設定] > [詳細] > [バージョン]から確認いただけます。







●GlocalMe APPの「Online Support(オンラインサポート)」


●+ 852-8191-2660(国際)または+ 86-400-699-1314(中国本土)に電話


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